“One cannot not communicate”

Kreativ Research Association

It is a nonprofit apolitical organization which was founded by a group of experts (teachers and social workers, researchers and students) from Caras-Severin county, West Region of Romania in 2016. The aim of the Kreativ Research Association is to decrease the economic, social, educational and cultural differences in the society, by providing a high level of researches and expertise to the local and regional stakeholders in the field of social work and communication.

In the past years, we have been developing constant activities together with our partners in the field of education and research on social issues and communication: media education, marginalized communities, migration, multiculturalism, children and media, ICT and internet use.

We focus on fighting against all forms of online violence, on promoting the freedom of speech and active citizenship and to build a creative, safe and joyful virtual world for all of us, but especially for children and vulnerable groups.

“One cannot not communicate” (Paul Watzlawick)



Promoting Inclusion And Employment
Trough Art


Connect Rural Village


For Teachers

He trainin program aims to develo and raint teacher`s media competency acording with the requires of the contemparary society.

For Parents

The program aims to train the parents` compentency in media literacy and to improve the parent-child relationship in virtual and meditized society.

Public lectures

Whenever our agenda permits, we can offer public lectures free of charge

Training program for children (age 3-6 and age 6-10)

The program is divided in two categories for children aged 3-6 ( kidergarten children) and for those of 6-10 age (primary school)

Consultancy for schools, NGO’s, private or public organisations

Our consultancy service includes advice on curricula, researches, resources and human resources training.

Let`s connect!

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