From blackboard to Internet – possible changes of the Romanian classroom


Romanian educational area is still characterized by a period of changes and it is still confronted by one hand with the lack of the teachers’ skills in basic ICT and Internet use competence and on the other hand, with the lack of material and technical resources in schools. Even if there have been done some improvements, the explosive development of the „internet society” makes it difficult to keep step with. The research points out the necessity of developing new competences such as media competence based on the social pressure of the digital natives generation. The paper tackles a paradigmatic change that takes place in the inner of the school organization which becomes not only a knowledge producer but an institution that must “learn how to learn”.

Nevertheless, the aim of our research is to exhaustively determine the way that the Internet is perceived and represented by the teachers (of primary school) within the educational process as means of teaching, learning, evaluation and communication. The research is realized in a comparative local manner and does not express the matrix of a national level sample.


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