Projects and funding


1 – 10 Sept 2020
2019-3-RO01-KA105-078068, KA1 – Youth Exchange,
Brebu, Caras-Severin County, Romania

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Aim of the project is to foster inclusion of migrants, refugees coming to Europe, including asylum seekers on transitory legal procedure, to create bridges between the migrants and local communities trough culture, art and education, as well as presenting Europe’s culture and its values, for ensuring a two directions inclusion process in the local European society. Furthermore, to increase the employ-ability of migrants and refugees by developing their skills to attend a job interview and to create a European CV, in the same time by learning about the job market in Europe.


– to capacitate 48 young young refugee, asylum seekers, youngsters with migrations background from 8 European countries in identifying communication tools and how to use them in order to create connections to the local community;

– to increase the employ-ability opportunities for refugees and migrants by learning about Europass CV, how to attend an interview and what are the requests in the labor market in the 8 European countries;

– to empower 48 participants coming from 8 European countries in organizing “Living library” events in their communities, to provide a safe space where participants can share their life stories and create a bridge between them and the Brebu village/Resita young community;

– to create awareness about the importance of accepting, including and supporting refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Europe, by using several artistic tools: theater, music, handcrafts.
The main methods used will be based on non-formal education activities such as: treasure hunt, presentations (oral, power point), study visits, world cafe, forum theatre, living library, storytelling, role play, open space, facilitated discussions, public event – each one with specific exercises, aimed to fulfil the objectives proposed.


1. Kreativ Research Association Romania – coordinator (

2. Active Bulgarian Society (ABS) – Bulgaria

3. InclusionGo – Italy

4.United Society of Balkans (USB) – Greece

5. Regional Roma Educational Youth Association (RROMA) – The Republic of North Macedonia

6. Oasis Cardiff – Wales (UK)

7. Tavo Europa association – Lithuania Bridge of Cultures Training

8. Youth Association – Turkey

Former Erasmus Projects:

Connect Rural Village with Virtual World (ConexiuneaVirtRurala )

2017-1-RO01-KA105-037011 Erasmus +

(01.06.2017 – 30.11.2017)

Aim:  The aim of the project is to promote the genuine traditional rural life connection within the youngsters from urban areas by creating an intercultural environment where new technologies of the digital contemporary society can be explored and used in all the social levels and distances, using both non-formal methods  as LARP and qualitative social methods as ethnomethodolgy ( e.g. media recording  of villagers testimonials, social observation method)

Objectives: The main objectives of this project are:

  1. To promote the rural ecological environment where 25 youngsters from 5 countries can explore and understand different cultural identities both from their origin countries and from the partners, both from urban style and the rural traditional village;
  2. To create a cultural bridge experience between the 25 youngsters from urban areas and youngsters from a rural village and poor com

    munity surroundings;

  3. To offer the opportunity to youngsters from urban areas to connect with the real traditional  rural life, and to learn more about the life of the villagers nowadays, being villagers for 8 days, by using socio methods of exploration and the new media, too;
  4. To develop the civic sense of the 25 youngsters, being involved in promoting media education within the villagers;
  5. To develop media literacy skills and creative thinking skills of the 25 youngsters and of the villagers by using and learning about new media technology within rural village.

(Profile of participants):  This project aims to address the problem of youngsters at the edge of social exclusion, living in urban areas, overwhelmed by today’s technology and having no chance to experience a rural life, in a healthy and safe environment, together with  youngsters facing the same problem.  Priority will be given to youngsters with fewer opportunities, facing social, cultural and economic obstacles, as well as other reason of discrimination. Youngsters will be aged 15-25, except for the group leaders which can be older, but necessary 18+.

1. Hungary – CoEfficient (
2. Spain – Ayuntamiento de Murcia (
3. Poland- Poleski Osrodek Sztuki (
4. Bulgaria- Friends of the world Association ( )