Research projects and professional programs (selection)

1. Expert trainer in Communication Techniques and Communication Management courses of adult education of professional teaching programs, during 2003-2013:

  • ”Professional Carrier Development by training programs” (PHARE CES – 2006) “Lifelong permanent training for undergraduate teaching personnel”;
  •  “The development of the lifelong training programs for the undergraduate teaching personnel” (PHARE CES – 2005) “Manager for quality and performance”;
  •  “The professionalization of the teachers’ career – new competencies for the actors of the change in the educational system”, in cooperation with West University of Timisoara, 2011-2013,( POSDRU/87/1.3/S/62421)

2. Long term expert in evaluating and monitoring the activities in EU non-refundable projects
“Reorganizing the lifelong professional training system of the didactic personal” ( POSDRU – AP1, DMI 3, 2009);
“Teachers’ lifelong professional training in using new technologies for French and English teaching” (POSDRU/87/1.3/S/62771, POSDRU/87/1.3/S/62665, 2011-2013);

3. Member of the project team and independent expert in EU non-refundable projects on elaborating impact studies on information and communication level

  •  “Information for EU Romania integration” (2007, Europe Fund) – elaborating the impact study on the information outputs of the project, training the volunteer students in public communication skills (EU information campaign);
  • “Partnership NGO’s – local authorities” (PHARE-2008) – promoting the law of public information rights and training the NGO’s volunteers how to obtain public information from the local authorities and institutions;
  • “Who heals the mining wounds in the South of Banat” (Financial Mechanism for EES -2009) – training the volunteers students in public communication skills (environmental rights and protected areas);
  • “Activities of watchdog and advocacy in the Iron Gate Park” (Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe – CIVIC 2013) – training the volunteers students in public communication skills (environmental rights and protected areas)

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