Media Pedagogy

Do not wonder what media do to children, but what children can do with media.

Our virtual and meditized life represents one of the newest and, sometimes, stressing challenge of our contemporary society. We have started to live in a digital society and to communicate more and more in a virtual world. There is a need of creating and training the appropriate media and digital comptencies in order to deal with the issues of media use. More than that, it is important to underline the need of human interaction in this virtual world as the social relations have embedded new forms.

Media pedagogy may become an appropriate and necessary answer for parents and teachers in shapping their relation with the „digital natives” generation, to encourage creative and critical thinking of their children, to be confident in their children’s safety when navigate into the virtual world, or to be proud about their children’s projects when they use media within the learning activities. aims:

  • to create an interface for adults (parents and teachers) in order to find relevant information about the field of media pedagogy;
  • to provide scientific resources and links about the media pedagogy;
  • to promote the field of media pedagogy and the importance of creating and training one’s media competency (for teachers, parents and children);
  • to offer training programs and counselling regarding different types of media interaction and use;
  • to discuss and comment various scientifc articles and posts on the media pedagogy platform;
  • to promote researchers and scientific information (studies, reviews, journals etc.) related to media pedagogy.

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