1.Training program for adults (teachers and parents)

For teachers
The training program aims to develop and train teacher’s media competency according with the requires of the contemparary society.
The program is organized in 90 hours of practical exercises (70 hours ) and theory organized in a compulsary module and an optional one (where the workshops can be chosen by the participant) on topics refering to Media Analyze Techniques, Media History, Media Production, New Media, Basic Digital Competency

For parents
The program aims to train the parents’ competency in media literacy and to improve the parent-child relationship in a virtual and meditized society.
The program consists of courses 20 hours in Media Analyze Techniques, Media Production, New Media, Basic Digital Competency, Internet Saftey.
* The fees are negotiable and are caluclated besed on the number of participants and the number of courses


3.Public lectures

Whenever our agenda permits, we can offer public lectures free of charge.

2.Training program for children (age 3-6 and age 6-10)

The program is divided in two categories for children aged 3-6 (kindergarten children) and for those of 6-10 age (primary school). The categories reffer to the program curricula adapted for their level of cognitive and psicho-social development.

The program is focused on training children:

  • to understand what are media and what is their role and functions in our life;
  • to learn how the media message and its content is produced;
  • to aquire literacy and media skills for construct and deconstruct the media message;
  • to use and produce creatively media (texts, images, videos, web);
  • to learn about the importance of the internet safety and cyberbullying (or media violence).

According to the parents/ teachers’ choice the training program may last between 5 hours (one week), 50 hours (one semester) or 90 hours (one school year).
* The fees are negotiable and are caluclated besed on the number of participants and the number of hours

4.Consultancy for schools, NGO’s, private or public organisations

Our consultancy service includes adivice on curricula, researches, resources and human resources training.
All the consultancy serivces’ fees are negotiable and from case to case may be free of charge.

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